Century Yuasa is Australia’s oldest battery manufacturer and one of the most reputable sources in the business. Producing over a million vehicle batteries a year, it’s also the perfect place for MTA Institute apprentices and Employability Skills Training (EST) participants to learn firsthand the ins and outs of battery production.

In late June, MTA Institute trainer Zak Zuiderduin was joined by 15 students for a detailed tour of Century Yuasa’s Brisbane battery factory. Led by the knowledgeable Gavin Field, Century Yuasa Business Development Manager, the tour showed the students how a vehicle battery is made, from the earliest stages of production all the way to distribution.

The students, made up of first and second year motorcycle, auto electrical and light vehicle apprentices, were joined by the EST participants and watched with a keen interest the smooth synchronisation of the factory. The process, which is largely autonomous, is made up of many intricate elements which ultimately leads to a product known, used and relied on by the Australia public.

“There are many factors that go into the creation of a vehicle battery,” explained Gavin. “We need to ensure that each step is executed in the correct way, from the soldering of the terminals to ensuring that there is no leakage between the cells.

“To charge a battery generally requires 24 hours, but using diluted acid and putting them in cooling liquid we can fully charge a battery in 12 hours, condensing the time of production whilst still manufacturing a top-quality product.”

The knowledge gained from the tour will be applied to the students’ learning modules as part of their apprenticeship. Zak, who completed an extensive debrief and training session after the tour, went on to explain each step of the battery production process, the background of the company and the high-tech nature of the factory itself.

“Everything at Century Yuasa is recycled and the production is designed to reduce fuel consumption and emissions from the factory,” said Zak. “The technology monitoring the production line will shut down the factory if emission levels go too high as per the Australian standard.”

To learn more about Century Yuasa visit: http://www.cyb.com.au/home