Nominations are now open for the 2017 Queensland Training Awards, recognising and rewarding all those involved in training, including apprentices, trainees and employers.

Employers like MTA Queensland member John Edwards Automotive have used the awards as an opportunity to highlight their commitment to training excellence by nominating their business in the 2016 Small Employer of the Year award category.

Upon winning the Queensland award, the CEO John Edwards, said “the awards were a great opportunity to measure ourselves against other businesses, to make sure we’re doing all we can to improve our training standards and contribute to the industry.”

A family business based in Brisbane, training is considered a high priority for John Edwards Automotive. This is reflected in their commitment to employ apprentices and train them in the automotive field to ensure there are always fully-qualified technicians within the industry.

“Our business is highly technical – we need to keep up with technical changes in the industry. If we don’t keep upskilling and training our employees, there’s no way we could succeed. We also are passionate about the industry and have seen that mechanics need more opportunities to develop and learn and we want to contribute to the workforce wherever we can and training apprentices is the best way to do that.” says John.

Employers can also boost staff morale by rewarding hardworking apprentices and trainees by nominating them for an individual award category.

Many participants find that being involved in the awards has given them more opportunities and responsibilities at work. They are also able to use their experiences to inspire others to succeed, encouraging them to work hard and achieve their own goals.

Queenslanders like Kurt Trask, who completed a Certificate III in Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology and was a 2016 Harry Hauenschild Apprentice of the Year finalist.

Growing up helping his father work on project cars inspired Kurt to become a mechanic. Completing his apprenticeship with Bruce Lynton Automotive Group has led to a full-time position and Kurt plans to further his education towards a diploma qualification. He also mentors young apprentices in his own time.

Kurt says “Being part of the Queensland Training Awards was a great experience; I’ve gained more trust and responsibility at work, and the chance to be involved in harder, more complex jobs. I believe you should take every opportunity you are given to excel, and the recognition you receive throughout the QTA process really motivates you to do better in your training and at work.”

Nominating for the Queensland Training Awards can be a great way to recognise and value the contribution of the people and organisations working in the automotive industry.

There are 14 award categories, including Small, Medium and Large Employer of the Year.

Nominations close on 31 March 2017.

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