Auto Camp Igniting Automotive Professionals

The automotive industry is currently facing an innovation revolution with the introduction of hybrid/electric and autonomous vehicles and new fuel technologies. The future is very exciting for the automotive sector and the Motor Trades Association of Queensland (MTA Queensland) has just the right school-based program to get the younger generation ready for the industry of tomorrow.

Auto Camp is a three-day school holiday program conducted by MTA Queensland. The program is like work experience and allows students to learn the fundamentals of combustion engines, servicing vehicles, paint and panel repairs, naming and identifying engine components and includes practical workshops and a circuitry project. The course also covers new topics like hybrid/electric vehicles and battery technology.
Open to high-school students aged between 14-17, Auto Camp is a chance to get some hands-on experience and learn basic automotive principles.

“MTA Queensland launched Auto Camp in 2018 after realising there was a huge gap between being at school and getting an opportunity to try a trade that might be of interest to a future career path. This course will allow young adults who are interested in engineering, motorsport, mechanics, restoration, electronics, design or manufacturing to get a taste of the automotive world,” said Kellie Dewar, Deputy CEO for MTA Queensland.

“We have had previous Auto Camp students return to continue learning on our five-week pre-vocational course and then go on to secure an apprenticeship.”

Auto Camp will be offered every school holiday with the next course being held on the 9th to the 11th of April. Find out more here:


12 Mar 2019