August 2018

We are right into the new financial year and work doesn’t stop. That’s not a bad thing – I think having plenty of work is good and I’d hate to have nothing to do!

I was talking to a mate who runs a specialised motorbike tyre and spoke business. He’s dedicated to his craft and puts in massive hours to make the business run and keep his customers happy.

I admire his time and dedication, but it got me thinking – when is the right time to look for help and put someone on so that you can work on the business, rather than work in the business? It’s a tough call and sometimes it feels like the stars must align to make this happen.Sometimes a little financial boost can make the difference.

Speaking to employers, the first thing they are after is a good worker, but this can sometimes prove to be elusive. This is usually followed by, “It’d be good if there is some sort of incentive to put them on.”

There are a few ways you can have both. You can go to and find a Jobactive provider near you. This is a no cost option.

There may also be support payments of $20,000 available for eligible employers under the Back to Work scheme when you hire an unemployed job seeker (subject to certain criteria).

Alternatively, you can place an ad on Seek and if you find someone, there are incentives available. For an apprenticeship, it can attract $1,500 commencement and $2,500 completion incentives.

This too depends on eligibility criteria. So, there is some money out there for employers looking to put someone on in their business.

Speaking of apprenticeships, I attended a Ministerial Roundtable on the employment and training of apprentices in Queensland and how to increase the number of apprentices.

There were some familiar themes, but what was encouraging was a commitment to an Advancing Apprentices Fund, a partnership between the Queensland Government and industry to promote priority apprenticeship pathways and encourage more businesses to employ apprentices.

I think this is a great initiative, and certainly we’ve got some ideas, but I’d open this up to anyone in industry who has an idea about how to increase apprenticeships and ask them to contact me.

Your idea could become a reality.