Apprentice of the Month, October 2018 – Jett Santacaterina

Jett Santacaterina is the Apprentice of the Month for October.

Aged just 17, the second-year agricultural mechanical apprentice with Vanderfield North Mackay has impressed with his commitment to the work and the training, and his willingness to get stuck in.

“Jett is a very committed apprentice,” said Neville Donaldson, his MTA Institute trainer. “He goes out of his way to help others and do his work; his theory work is excellent and always done on time; and he is very well liked by everybody, including customers and work peers.

“Customers ask him to look at other vehicles when out in the field and it is never a problem for Jett to have a look to see if he can help. He will attempt to have a go at any problem, but he also knows that he has limited experience and will always ask how to fix a problem. ”

Jett knew very early on that a mechanical trade in the agricultural sector was for him, and he secured the apprenticeship with Vanderfield when he was just
15 years old.

“I have always had a passion for working with my hands and I would help dad in the shed with cars, motorbikes and our tractor,” he said. “And I have always been interested in tractors and harvesters and the cane industry too, so I thought it would be interesting to learn how they work and how to fix them.

“When I started here at Vanderfields, I worked on push mowers and ride-on owners and so on – just the basic stuff – but now work on tractors and harvesters too, rebuilding engines and transmissions and so on. And I am loving it so far!”

Winning the Apprentice of the Month award was something of a surprise, said Jett, but it was also a real honour.

“I am obviously very stoked to win,” he said. “I am proud, as are my family, friends, and everyone at work. I do think that it is quite an achievement.”

Source: Motor Trade E-Magazine (December 2018)

13 Dec 2018