Apprentice of the Month, October 2017 – Will Rudd

Will Rudd is the Apprentice of the month for October 2017.

The 32-year-old, third-year panel beating apprentice is not new to the apprenticeship game – a stint in the construction industry a few years ago saw him qualify as a carpenter. It’s a skill he has been able to use for some coachbuilding work while also learning his new trade at Sleeping Beauties, a classic car restoration business based in Brisbane.

A hard worker with a desire to get the job done right, Will has impressed his trainer Alfio Rotolone with the breadth of the work he does and his eye for detail.

“The work they do at Sleeping Beauties is remarkable,” said Alfio. “They rebuild and restore old cars and Will has done everything from small dents to major modifications to help bring those cars back to their original condition.”

Always interested in cars, Will started a diesel mechanic apprenticeship at school, but circumstances would conspire to see him move into construction and became a carpenter. However, that career was cut short too when his father became sick.

“My father was terminally ill and I became his full-time carer,” said Will. “I looked after him for a year-and-a-half until he passed and I decided then that I wanted to go back and do what I always wanted, which was to work with cars.”

Taking it upon himself to knock on the door of just about every shop from the Gold Coast to Brisbane to get back into automotive, Will struck gold with Sleeping Beauties, where he works on stunning cars with some highly-skilled tradespeople.

“The day I started we were working on a 1913 Vulcan,” he said with a laugh. “Everything is done in-house and there are some great tradesmen here who I can learn from. We don’t do normal work here. It’s more of a craft – a dying art that I am lucky to be learning. I absolutely love it.

9 Nov 2017