Apprentice of the Month, November 2018 – Jack Goodrich

Jack Goodrich is the Apprentice of the Month for November.

The 26-year-old light vehicle apprentice has been working at Twidale Auto & Motorcycles in Goondiwindi for nearly three years but is already in the 4th year of his apprenticeship, impressing with his work ethic and passion for the trade.

“Jack loves the work and is one of the smartest apprentices I have ever seen,” said Zak Zuiderduin, Jack’s trainer. “He is focused, wants to learn, and asks questions that demand detailed answers.”
Jack’s route to a career in automotive has been unusual. He has an honours degree in biomedical science and worked for a year in the field of stem cell research.

From there to learning to repair and maintain of cars does seem like something of a leap.

“I had always wanted to do an apprenticeship, but I went to university because that’s what was expected to get a good job,” said Jack. “But I knew it wasn’t for me and when I finished my honours, I went to work at a bicycle shop intending to become a bike mechanic. However, my fiancé got a job as a paramedic in Goondiwindi, so we moved here.”

Although always interested in cars, it wasn’t until Jack reached Goondiwindi that a career in automotive, with the apprenticeship at Twidale Auto, became an option. And there is plenty to do at Twidale, with the team working on a broad range of vehicles, from 4WDs, diesels, passenger cars, trucks, even the odd tractor or two.

With a year to go in his training, Jack aims to expand his focus to include other areas of automotive, including electrical, and always challenge himself to improve.

“The plan is to stay here, keep working hard and keep getting better.”

15 Dec 2018