Apprentice of the Month, June 2018 – Aydin Hammond

Aydin Hammond is the Apprentice of the Month for June 2018. The 22-year-old, 3rd-year panel beating apprentice has been with Col Summerhayes Smash repairs in Townsville for the past two years.

Having started his apprenticeship at another business and a with a different training provider, Aydin moved to Col Summerhayes and the MTA Institute two years ago and has made brilliant progress.

According to Shane Palmer, Aydin’s MTA Institute trainer, he is enthusiastic and has a bright future in the industry.

“He is always keen to learn and very attentive,” said Shane. “He is very motivated and will go a long way.”

For Aydin, moving to work with Col Summerhayes Smash Repairs and the MTA Institute has been very positive.

“I had heard good things about the MTA Institute and the training has been very good,” he said. “I do like the different ways we train, for instance with the My Profile system, which is very good. And the work is good to, of course. I am enjoying it all.”

Interested in cars since he was a kid, and with his father working in the industry, it was always likely that Aydin was going to look at automotive for a career path. He did, however, choose a slightly different journey to his dad when he went for the paint & panel apprenticeship.

“I’m not entirely sure why I didn’t follow dad into the industry as a mechanic,” he said. “Perhaps it was because it was something different but in the same industry and I can always learn the mechanical side of things from him!”

Aydin said he’s lucky to work with a great team at Col Summerhayes and that when he finishes his apprenticeship, he hopes to stay on at the business.

“I work with a couple of great panel beaters and they’re really good at showing me the ropes,” he said.

“I’d possibly like to own my own business someday, but I do really like it here and I definitely want to stay around.”

9 Aug 2018