Apprentice of the Month, February 2020, Evelyn Hayes

Evelyn Hayes is the MTA Institute Apprentice of the Month award winner for February.

The 19-year-old, second-year light vehicle apprentice has been working at Scenic Motors – a Hyundai, Mitsubishi and Ford dealership – since starting her training at the beginning of 2019, and both her employer and trainer have been impressed with her dedication to learning her craft.

“Evelyn deserves this recognition for showing such enthusiasm for her training and for the fact she is progressing so well,” said her MTA Institute trainer Andrew Bellars. “Her productivity in the workshop is exceptional and she is showing all the signs of being a very promising mechanic.”

Always interested in cars and automotive thanks to her mum being a fleet allocator and her dad a truck driver who she would help work on his own cars at home, Evelyn was keen to get involved in the industry and at the start of 2019, she struck out to see if she could find a light vehicle apprenticeship.

“I was just looking around and asking people if they needed anyone and Scenic took me on,” she said. “And the work here is a lot of fun. I work across all of Scenic’s brands and I’m always learning new things. I started by doing mostly servicing jobs but am now I’m doing more complex work such as tyres and suspensions and so on and I am really enjoying it. And I enjoy the training too – the on-site training really works for me.”

As a young woman working in what is still a male-dominated industry, Evelyn said, apart from some physical challenges with the work, everything had been positive, and she was unquestionably part of a great team.

“It can be a bit hard sometimes, when they ask to move a gearbox or engine around or something like that, but I find a way to work around those things – I find a smarter way,” she said. “It’s going really well, and I definitely fit in here.”

At just 19 and with at least a couple of years to go with her training, Evelyn said the important thing for her now was to keep studying, keep working hard, and put in the effort to complete her apprenticeship.

“I haven’t really thought about where my career might go. At the moment I am concentrating on my apprenticeship, enjoying the work and the training and learning everything I can.”

Source: Motor Trader E-magazine (June 2020)

21 May 2020