Apprentice of the Month, February 2019, Daniel Beckham

Daniel Beckham is the MTA Institute Apprentice of the Month for February 2019.

The 19-year-old, third-year heavy vehicle apprentice with Prochem Haulage in Mackay has proven to be an outstanding student, demonstrating a strong work ethic and the ability to complete jobs unsupervised.

Along with his mechanical knowledge, Daniel is also proving to be a very competent welder who is often placed on Prochem’s fabrication repairs/assemblies to decrease downtime. Daniel has also taken on auto greaser installation and is currently completing breakdowns and call outs.

While he has been impressing with his performance at work, his training is equally exemplary.

“Dan always has his modules done on time and with high percentages,” said Neville Donaldson, his MTA Institute trainer. “His work is carried out with professionalism and his ability is nearly as good as a qualified mechanic with a couple of years’ experience. Put this together with him being a nice, polite person who is able to talk to customers and get along well with his workmates, and that makes Dan a worthy apprentice of the month winner.”

For Daniel himself, working at Prochem is, he said, an enjoyable experience. A lot of different work comes through the workshop and with around 18 months to go before he qualifies, he is already considering the future he could secure with the company.

“I do plan on staying with Prochem,” he said. “There are a few different work roles within the company that I could explore, and some other opportunties and career options – we have a fleet of trucks and machinery, we deliver bulk fluids to the mines, and we have machinery operating in the mines too.

“I really enjoy what I do and the training is going well too,” he added. “We do a bit of everything in our workshop and that is really good – even the dirty jobs are alright!”

Source: Motor Trader E-Magazine (April 2019 Edition)

5 Apr 2019