Acceler8 program kickstarts career for light vehicle apprentice

The changing landscape of the automotive industry is creating new career opportunities every day, even for those who had never previously considered a career in the industry.

With courses including MTA Queensland’s Auto Camp – a three-day school-holiday course for high school students run in partnership with MTA Institute, and MTA Institute’s Certificate II in Automotive Vocational Preparation – a five week program designed to give students a comprehensive set of skills as a basic introduction to the automotive industry, opportunities are available for young people to experience the automotive industry and decide whether a career in automotive is suitable for them.

Fourth year light vehicle mechanic apprentice, Kyle Muller, is one such example of the automotive industry having an opportunity for everyone, even those without a defined interest in cars.

Now just weeks away from completing his apprenticeship with MTA Institute, Kyle first came into contact with the automotive industry in year 12, when he tagged along with a mate to sign-up for the AccelR8 program, a Queensland Department of Education and Training initiative previously run by MTA Institute designed to provide a transition from school to full-time employment for school leavers.

“I had a mate who wanted to be a mechanic so he signed up for the program through school, and I thought I would tag along.,” said Kyle on his decision to join the program.

“I didn’t know much about cars before I began the program, other than what I’d heard from my friends, but here I am completing an automotive apprenticeship.”

The eight-month program involved undertaking a Certificate II in Automotive Vocational Preparation, which included a 20-week work experience placement at an automotive business.

Kyle wound up at Ultra Tune Ipswich during this process, where he quickly became established.

Upon completing the placements, businesses were given the opportunity to take on the students as full-time apprentices, which Ultra Tune Ipswich were quick to take advantage of.

“After I completed my certificate (Certificate II in Automotive Vocational Preparation), Ultra Tune took me on as an apprentice, and I’ve been there ever since.”

“It’s been great completing my apprenticeship there. I’ve learnt a lot and my boss has been very helpful helping me complete everything.”

The Certificate II in Automotive Vocational Preparation has helped many potential automotive professionals like Kyle find their feet in the industry and transition into apprenticeships and full-time careers.

With an ever-evolving landscape, careers are opening in a variety of roles, from graphic design, to paint and panel, to engineering, to art. There are options for everyone, even those like Kyle who never though a career in automotive was for them.

As for what life holds after the completion of his apprenticeship, Kyle remains open-minded.

“I’d like to stay at Ultra Tune Ipswich, but down the track, who knows. Something to do with motorsports would be pretty awesome.”