A former employee of Tesla recently spilt the beans over popular site Reddit, claiming to have previously worked at a retail location for the electric vehicle maker.

The anonymous ex-employee posted an Ask Me Anything session over at /r/teslamotors and offered an insiders glimpse into what it’s really like to work for Tesla.

One of the most interesting things that the employee revealed is that many Tesla employees are “zealots” about their mission bring about the use of clean energy to change the world.

The employee still maintains this level of enthusiasm for Tesla’s cars even though he doesn’t work there anymore.

“Tesla has done a great job of hiring people who truly believe and those on the fence mostly bought in,” he explains.

“The company’s mission is steadfast and for the most part we truly believed that what we were doing was more about long-term energy sustainability, even though the current oil prices may appear to be a challenge in the short run.”

He went on to say that working for Tesla meant having a level of commitment that would certainly play havoc with your social life.

“Work life balance can be a bit wonky but if you understand that your work is changing the world and believe in the mission you won’t really feel like you’re working,” he writes.

Finally, when asked for advice on buying a Tesla, the employee recommends splurging to get a pricey interior because “I would always be baffled by people who ordered a $70K car without spending the extra $3k for premium interior.”

The employee also posted his original offer letter from Elon Musk as proof of his former employment and he did not answer any questions on future products since he’s still bound to a lengthy nondisclosure agreement.

To see the rest of his impressions of what it’s like to work for Tesla, check out the full post here.