100,000 jobs predicted for ‘dying’ Aussie industry

The automotive industry have forecast about 100,000 job openings, proving opportunities remain in sectors that official records suggest may be in decline.

Job department research reveals that there are not enough skilled workers now available to replace the natural attrition of the industry, so people committed to training will be well sought after.

For those preparing to enter the industry, the MTA Institute based at Eight Mile Plains offer a five-week pre-vocational course – a Certificate II in Automotive Vocational Preparation – for people interested in an automotive trade and wanting skills to help them land an apprenticeship.

The MTA Institute also runs a three-day Auto Camp for school students aged 14 to 17 that offers hands-on experience in areas such as hybrid/electric vehicles and vehicle maintenance.

Pre-Apprenticeship programs such as the Pre-Vocational course and Auto Camp will give participants an understanding of what the automotive industry can offer and with the experience gained from the course, will give people entering the workforce a greater chance at securing gainful employment.

Most of the job openings are being created as workers leave the workforce, such as retiring, or move into a new line of work – either in a different part of the automotive sector or in a new sector entirely.

In the five years to 2022, Jobs department data predicts roles will become available for 42,000 motor vehicle and parts salespeople, 27,000 motor mechanics, 10,000 vehicle parts and accessories fitters, 9000 panelbeaters, 8000 vehicle painters, 2000 vehicle body builders and trimmers and 2000 automotive electricians. “The number of suitable applicants per vacancy is the lowest since 2008,” its 2017 Automotive Trades Labour Market Research report states.

“Despite growth in demand, there has not been a corresponding increase in new supply to the labour market.”

Vacant jobs for automotive tradespeople attracted an average of 0.8 suitable applicants for each vacancy.

More than a quarter of employers reported receiving applications only from unsuitable candidates and about one in seven reported receiving no applications at all.

Panel beater vacancies attracted the least candidates (three applicants for each vacancy) as well as the lowest portion of suitable candidates (0.6 for each vacancy).

Meanwhile, vacancies for automotive electricians were the most difficult to fill, with less than a third (30 per cent) of jobs being matched with a worker.

There are still perceptions that automotive jobs are dirty and greasy but with the amount of scope available when entering the motor trades, this is simply no longer the case.

Source: Courier Mail – 100,000 jobs predicted for ‘dying’ Aussie industry

7 Nov 2018